example of laboratory testingBeing able to determine a person’s use or nonuse of a particular drug can help a patient’s treatment, legal, and medical teams determine the appropriate course of action. Medication testing for drugs of abuse in urine (DAU) testing at Pelican Laboratories is requested for many reasons, including occupational monitoring, general healthcare, insurance screening, and legal purposes. A regulated drug test from Pelican Medical is the most efficient, accurate way to test people in your organization. Call our Owings Mills lab to learn more about our services by calling 877.575.6442.

What Is Confirmation Lab Testing?

When a urine drug screening shows a non-negative (positive) result, additional lab testing is needed to confirm the findings. Each drug a person consumes leaves a chemical footprint in the body. Certain substances, such as hemp, poppy seeds, and over-the-counter medications, can cause a person to test positive, even if they have not consumed any narcotics. In order to provide accurate, quality-assured results, we use liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry procedures to physically separate the chemicals.

Liquid-chromatography/mass spectrometry is a legally defensible method of testing for evidence of illegal drug use. Our lab’s ability to efficiently rule out false-positive claims at high volume makes our lab one of the go-to testing facilities on the east coast.

When you partner with Pelican Medical Group, you can expect the following:

  • Fast turnarounds times
  • Convenient courier service
  • Accurate results
  • Digital, easy-to-read results
  • Test for narcotics
  • Test for prescribed medications
  • Test for natural substances

The Leading Edge in Laboratory Drug Testing

Pelican Medical Center provides urine analysis services needed to drug test multiple people at your organization. Using our convenient, no-hassles courrier system, samples will be picked up from your facility and transported to our urinalysis lab for testing. Laboratory testing starts with having state-of-the-art equipment and adhering to the highest standards of testing procedures.

Our experienced lab technicians and couriers understand how to deliver the quickest urinalysis drug test results for a client–or multiple clients. Your test results will be uploaded on our secure, easy-to-use client portal for immediate access. Keeping all of your company’s results in one HIPAA-compliant location is the easiest, most secure method for storing this type of data.

High-Volume Urine Screenings from Pelican Medical Group

Addiction treatment providers, employers, and other entities need to have immediate access to accurate results. Pelican Medical Group understands the need for both speed and accuracy; our equipment can detect negligible amounts of prescribed and prescribed psychoactive chemicals. These substances often go undetected in less precise laboratory environments. In a high-quality drug treatment program, patients need to be tested several times in order to ensure their compliance with the program.

Quality, Accuracy, Convenience

To ensure the highest standard of drug testing, our laboratory is subject to independent assessment and quality measurement. Confirmation testing for specific DAUs involves a complex series of laboratory, medical, and legal factors. The choices of drugs to be screened, the composition of testing panels, the intended purpose, the use of the drug testing results, the need or desire for confirmation testing, and the economic costs of testing are all factors that the laboratory must consider.

Pelican Laboratories: Maryland’s Most Trusted Medical Testing Lab

In order to focus on helping your patients heal, you need to be sure they are complying with their individual treatment programs. Partnering with Pelican Medical Group will allow your organization to focus on your patients instead of spending time dealing with outdated urine testing procedures. For the fastest, most accurate results, our Owings Mills lab is the preferred choice of industry professionals. Contact Pelican Medical Group by calling 877.575.6442 to speak with a member of our lab team.