man delivering tests through courier serviceDelivering Excellence

Our team of highly trained couriers uses GPS technology to ensure your samples are picked up and delivered to our lab in the most efficient manner possible. We track and monitor each shipment’s progress from the moment it is picked up at your facility to the time it is delivered to our lab. Our courier service is the most convenient, discrete, secure method of transporting drug rehab urine analysis samples on the east coast.

Addiction Treatment Urinalysis

Pelican Laboratories is deeply committed to providing customers with unbeatable customer service. We understand that addiction treatment providers are under enough stress as it is. In order to allow our clients to focus on their patients, we have removed the hassle from administering urine drug testing. Our drivers follow strict customer service guidelines, pass comprehensive background checks, and are regularly tested in best practices for handling sensitive information and lab specimens.

For punctual, professional pickup and delivery of urine samples to be tested, trust the team at Pelican Medical Group. Our lab uses compliance monitoring strategies to ensure that our drivers are following protocol. Our courier service is the easiest way to make sure samples are delivered carefully and securely for testing.

Our clients enjoy the following convenient features from our secure courier service:

  • Online ordering
  • Online payment
  • Punctual pickup
  • GPS tracking
  • Online invoicing
  • Secure delivery
  • Temperature controlled transportation

Pelican Medical Group’s drivers are HIPAA-compliant and have received HAZMAT training in their industry. Each courier is required to wear gloves and a mask and follow carefully designed safety procedures to avoid contamination. Our temperature-controlled, insured vehicles are equipped to manage high-volume, time-sensitive orders. We understand that addiction treatment providers sometimes operate outside of business hours, so our ununiformed drivers are ready to deliver at any hour.

Convenient Transportation of Sensitive Materials

We understand that certain patients require more than a simple “positive or negative” drug screening result. Our lab uses liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry equipment to provide the most sensitive test results available. In order to collect these samples, we have found that our customers prefer having a courier service deliver the testing kits, pick up the samples, and deliver them to our lab to be tested. In order to determine whether patients are taking their medications as prescribed and evaluate potential drug interactions, Pelican Laboratories sets the standard for compliance monitoring, rapid reporting, and data tracking.

Our convenient, time-sensitive testing procedures allow addiction treatments to have access to individual patient information, including:

  • Why did this patient test positive for a certain substance?
  • Is the patient taking their medication as prescribed?
  • Has the patient taken any additional medications?
  • Are there any non-narcotic substances that could have caused the patient to test positive?
  • Could a combination of medications be causing problems for a patient?

Pelican Medical Group Ensures Accuracy, Quality, and Convenience

Pelican Medical Group uses state-approved urine screening techniques that separate individual chemicals for easy detection and identification. Our lab’s services can be used to inform clinical decisions by addiction treatment providers, legal counsel, and family services providers. In order for addiction treatment providers to really understand their patients, it is essential for them to understand the psychoactive substances in their bodies.

Learn More by Contacting Our Owings Mills Drug Screening Lab

Pelican Medical Group’s courier service is an ideal solution for addiction treatment centers that require urine testing. Our drivers are available at whatever time your busy schedule allows. Get secure, discrete, rapid results to allow your team to provide the best treatment possible. Our team is standing by to provide testing services that are both efficient and proficient. Contact our lab today by calling 877.575.6442.